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Cliff Walk

Memorial Boulevard
Newport, RI 02840

One of Newport's most famed attractions, Cliff Walk affords breathtaking scenery with 3.5 miles of rocky coastline and crashing waves on one side, and stunning Gilded Age mansions on the other. It's unlike anything else in the world. 

The Wharves

Bowen’s and Bannister’s Wharves

Newport, RI 02840

Stroll side-by-side wharves featuring historic cobblestone paths lined with a mix of award-winning restaurants, local boutiques, exquisite galleries, eclectic artisans, and more, all set on the waterfront in the heart of downtown.


424 Bellevue Ave

Newport, RI 02840

During America’s Gilded Age in the late 1800s, captains of industry and New York’s elite built summer cottages in Newport. Dripping in ornate chandeliers, lined with marble and furnished with imported antiques, the mansion tours give you a glimpse of a luxurious different era of U.S. history. The former Vanderbilt 70-room Italian Renaissance-style palazzo, The Breakers (pictured here), is one of the most popular mansions. 

International Tennis Hall of Fame

194 Bellevue Avenue

Newport, RI 02840

Step foot on the historic grass courts at the International Tennis Hall of Fame where legends played. Wander inside the museum to see a collection of more than 25,000 tennis artifacts. Experience interactive exhibits, test your knowledge of the sport on a five-foot touch table, and get up close to tennis legend Roger Federer's hologram.

Ocean Drive

Newport, RI 02840

10 miles of breathtaking coastline meets one winding road. Start your journey just off of historic Bellevue Avenue and continue traveling for a serene journey. Along the way, park the car at Brenton Point State Park to admire the scenery.

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