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Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island, is where Grace & Alexa are working on calling home. Known for its historic charm and artistic vibes, you can find both Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University in Providence. Check out the hip cafes, artisnal shops, quaint parks, and impressive art displays.

Thayer Street

Thayer St

Providence, RI 02806

Found at the heart of the Brown University neighborhood, Thayer Street boasts a vibrant and constantly evolving experience, with 71 unique businesses and outstanding restaurants. Check out some of Grace & Alexa's other favorite spots on Thayer, like Kabob & Curry and East Side Pocket.

thayer 2.jpg

Knead Doughnuts vs. PVDonuts

135 Elmgrove Ave
Providence, RI 02906

Weigh in on the Knead Doughnuts vs. PVDonuts debate! Knead Donuts hides in a historic 19th-century building downtown, where seasonally inspired and traditional gourmet donuts are made from scratch with locally sourced, wholesome ingredients and served alongside outstanding coffee. Pictured here, PVDonuts was Rhode Island’s first specialty donut shop featuring oversized, fun & adventurous flavors that change monthly.

79 Ives St
Providence, RI 02906

Blackstone Blvd

Providence, RI 02906

Blackstone Boulevard Park is a public park and footpath that runs down the center of Blackstone Boulevard on the East Side of Providence, Rhode Island, where Grace & Alexa are hoping to find their first home. The Blackstone Park Conservation District actively maintains the pristine condition of the park and path, as well as planting and caring for the trees and other flora along the path.


Garden Grille & Wildflour Cafe

727 East Ave
Pawtucket, RI 02860

Grace & Alexa's favorite eatery anchors the end of Blackstone Boulevard. Garden Grille serves up delicious vegetarian, vegan, and Kosher cuisine. They also own a vegan cafe and bakery, Wildflour, right next door. Try the butternut squash quesadilla at Garden Grille and a cardamon latte at Wildflour!

Street Art

Providence, RI 02907

Vast, richly-colored murals adorn walls all over downtown, promoted by initiatives like The Avenue Concept. These murals often use earthy tones and reflect different aspects of life. Sometimes it feels like walking around a living, breathing art gallery as the gorgeous murals weave into the tradition of the city perfectly. You can take a tour of the public art if you want more details, or simply explore. 



4 North Main St

Providence, RI 02903

We can’t speak about Providence and not mention this incredibly striking public art phenomenon established by artist Barnaby Evans. WaterFire is essentially a string of fires lit on the three rivers in downtown Providence. The 86 flames flicker throughout the evening are often accompanied by musical performers on boats and the shore.

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